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Women Lift is not merely an introduction to an exclusive collection of ladies’ bold, effortless, and stylishly chic athletic apparel - it is quite the contrary.

It is a women’s empowerment movement dedicated to revolutionizing the sophisticated, modern woman using innovative solutions while recognizing the beauty and strength that lies from within.

Women Lift translates to today’s fearlessly feminine, results-oriented women operating on a new set of principles. Championing sharply focused women from around the world.

It is a journey that challenges societal beauty standards, norms and stereotypes regarding femininity and economic empowerment by redefining the “new” definition of beauty and optimism.

This demonstrates together with goal-setting, determination and perseverance, a woman can make a difference while achieving what she wants out of life.

Taking the non-traditional approach, Women Lift is committed to promoting women with shared values to inspire positive, meaningful connections while striving to become the best version of themselves.

It is by these guiding principles women will be encouraged to follow their passion, unlock their full potential by leveraging opportunities, and drive new levels of empowerment.


Leadership Team (USA)


Karen Anne

Nabeela Khan

Audra Forsberg


Chief Influencer

Vice Influencer to Western Pacific Region

We exist to create things people love. Our specialty of connecting brand, culture, and commerce has earned us a reputation for doing award winning work across multiple categories.

Danielle Poole

Vice Influencer of Northern States Region

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